Aquarius (Weekly Prediction)

Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi)

1st week of February 2018
Although the increased expenses would keep you worried in the beginning of the week however the settlement of all issues and journeys to desirable places of choice would keep you happy at heart. The mid part of the week appears to be excellent for your marital bliss but you might have to spend money on the health of your spouse. The friendly advice of spouse would prove beneficial for controlling the uncontrolled expenses. The concluding part of the week is very frustrating for you because there are chances of getting disappointment and failures in accomplishing important tasks and apart from that you would be facing difficulties in managing your day to day affairs because of non-availability of funds. The obstacles that you shall be facing in your emotional relation would make you feel irritable. You are advised not to lose your patience and confidence in difficult times. Avoid undertaking some important tasks during this time.

2nd week of February 2018
The beginning of the week indicates possibilities of promotion with transfer. Although the job profile would be up graded but some extra load of responsibilities won’t let you attain the desired job satisfaction. The business related journeys would bring in average results. The gains would be very average in the middle part of the week however you won’t leave any stone unturned in converting ordinary deals into more profitable. You would also be seeking the support of your elder brothers. They might support and co-operate you but their support won’t prove beneficial for you. The planetary transit in the remaining days of the week indicates financial losses, unnecessary expenditure of energy and money. You would be frustrated because of this negative situation and in addition to that you would be facing lot of humiliation without any fault of yours therefore you are advised not to lose your patience so that your confidence remains intact. Be optimistic and don’t give-up hopes but for the time being it would be better to postpone the Muhurat of undertaking any new activity.

3rd week of February 2018
The beginning of the week indicates rise in position, increase in happiness & reputation. Your working efficiency and skills would improve. Your mental and physical health shall be perfect throughout the week. You would be enjoying the favor of your seniors. Your recognition at work place shall get multiplied and in the middle of the week there would be more financial gains and support and co-operation of family members. There would be an atmosphere of love, laughter and mutual harmony in the family. Domestic happiness shall increase and you would be pleased with the support and affection of your mother who would advise you to extend some extra support in the affairs of the family. There would be deliberations regarding development in matters related to property/vehicle etc. The concluding part of the week indicates active participation in social activities. You would be happy with the association of close friends and relatives.

4th week of February 2018
From the beginning of the week you would plan to take right initiative for maintaining peace and harmony in the family. You would be getting the advice of an able physician for restoring the health of your mother. There would be some tensions because of some problems in your vehicle. In the mid of the week some good news regarding the success of your children shall make you feel delighted. You would earn lot of recognition as an able advisor. Your children good obey your orders and you would be highly attached to your mother and children. The mid of the week indicates increase in the inflow of money from share market and speculation. This is the right time to make a constructive plan for the future of your child. In the weekend days your pending tasks might get accomplished but some unnecessary journey and expenses shall not only increase your mental tension but also cause some physical weakness.