Capricorn (Weekly Prediction)

Capricorn (Makar Rashi)

1st week of February 2018
From the beginning of the week there would be a noticeable improvement in marital bliss, intensity of love, family atmosphere, mutual harmony in the family, bondage with family people and peace at home. For unmarried people there shall be deliberations regarding the matrimonial development. During this time you would be putting good efforts for the strengthening of your partnership ventures. The mid of the week might bring in some reasons of frustration and disappointment because of which you would be mentally upset. You shall have to take care of your physical and mental health. Don’t let your confidence go down otherwise your working efficiency shall get affected. In the weekend days you might plan to go on a journey to a tourist place or a place of pilgrimage. There would be complete favor of destiny coming in your way during weekend days and your reputation shall also get enhanced. The support of public, friends, in-laws, relatives and siblings shall remain intact.

2nd week of February 2018
The beginning of the week is giving indications of increase in income and gains from business. You would be enjoying the cooperation of your elder brothers and your interest in share market investment is likely to get increased. This is the right time to take interest in speculative activities. Attachment with children and mother would increase. The mid of the week is not auspicious for your health, happiness, state of mind, mental health and finance. Possibilities of losses in business are also on cards. You are advised to keep your patience intact and control unnecessary expenses as much as you can. In the weekend days there are indications of restoration of mental peace, health and happiness. You will be full of enthusiasm, energy and confidence with an increase in your working efficiency.

3rd week of February 2018
The beginning of the week indicates prosperity, unity and integrity in the family. All family members shall put in efforts for strengthening the bond of affection among all. There would be a possibility of the celebration of an auspicious ceremony in the family. In the middle of the week you would participate in social activities and in this connection the encouraging attitude of all family members would enhance your confidence. You will be getting lot of affection from your friends, relatives and siblings. Your health and confidence would remain intact throughout the week. There would be slight mental tensions in the concluding part of the week however obstaclesare not coming in the way of your progress. You would be paying lot of attention while taking care of your parents.

4th week of February 2018
The beginning of the week is favorable for your education, childwelfare; entertainment related activities, gambling, share market trading, consultation work and emotional relations. The beginning of the week is especially favorable for the maintenance of your emotional relations. In addition to that you would be successful in devising plans for the bright future of your child. In the mid of the week the burden of some extra responsibilities would exhaust your energies. Your health, happiness and enthusiasm would remain intact throughout the week. For the enhancement of your skills and potential you are advised to do warm-up exercise regularly. The concluding part of the week is especially beneficial for the strengthening of bond of affection between you and your beloved. Marital bliss shall enhance and the atmosphere of peace and happiness in the family would keep your enthusiasm at its peak.