Libra (Weekly Prediction)

Libra (Tula Rashi)

1st week of February 2018
The beginning of the week indicates progress in work. You can expect the favor of bosses and co-operation from colleagues at work place. You would be pleased with your juniors. Try to stay in good books of your seniors because as per planetary transit the current time would open up opportunities for growth in business/job. The mid part of the week is giving strong indications of increase in income, fulfillment of desires, co-operations of siblings and happiness from children. During these days there are strong probabilities of getting opportunities for the creation of a strong source of income. The concluding part of the week indicates down fall in health, happiness, state of mind and finance because of failure in accomplishing important tasks along with sudden stress and increase in expenses.

2nd week of February 2018
The beginning of the week marks betterment in pleasing atmosphere in the family along with presence of perfect harmony and peace. The increased inflow of money would enhance your saving potential. The support of family members would provide an extra edge to earn money very quickly. In the mid of the week there would be better relations with your kith and kin and social life would also be up to the mark. You will become more effortful in bringing changes in your social behavior and social environment. You would also try to bring necessary reforms in the environment around you. In nutshell your social activities would get multiplied. The remaining part of the week is not good for your state of mind and happiness. Health might get deteriorated and in addition to that there would remain some extra burden on your mind. You need to take care of the health of your mother.

3rd week of February 2018
The beginning of the week indicates that you would be spending money on your education or on children’s health and education. You would also spend on entertainment related activities. This is favorable time for speculative activities like gambling, lottery and share market investment. Your emotional relations shall get strengthened suddenly. You would also spend money for solving litigation matters, curing health problems etc. in the mid part of the week. Abstain from paying bribe to bankers and avoid getting into some illegal activities. The concluding part of the week indicates that you would be spending lot of money on your spouse and in addition to that there is strong probability that you might visit a beautiful hill station of tourist attraction along with your spouse. There would be excellent conjugal bliss in your married life. In nutshell the whole week would be absolutely auspicious for family life and reputation with an increase in the compatibility between husband and wife.

4th week of February 2018
The beginning of the week is not auspicious for your health, happiness and confidence. You would be facing obstacles in accomplishing important tasks. Don’t get frustrated and try to keep your patience intact. The mid part of the week would be favorable for going on a journey. You might go on a long and beneficial journey. You would travel extensively for up grading your reputation by organizing seminars and conferences at various places. The favor of father and elderly figures would enhance your confidence always. This is a beneficial time for spiritual practices and blessings of Guru. The concluding part of the week is highly auspicious for the attainment of name and fame. There are great probabilities of attainment of reputation and social status along with power and position. The favor of authority, senior officers/government would come easily. This is the right time to take initiative for creating a platform for the attainment of rise in career.