Sagittarius (Weekly Prediction)

Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi)

1st week of February 2018
The beginning of the week is not auspicious for your happiness and accomplishment of tasks. There would be few health related troubles too. Some unwanted obstacles are likely to intervene in your family life. For better relationship with all it would be better to avoid getting into unnecessary arguments. The middle of the week is favorable for family life and relations with father. Favor of destiny is indicated very strongly. It is a good time to start putting efforts for maintaining good relations with everybody at home. You would be pleased with support and honor coming to you from your seniors. The concluding part of the week is highly favorable for work and earning gains in terms of progress and up gradation on professional front. There are possibilities of acquisition of the required skills and expertise.

2nd week of February 2018
The beginning of the week is not auspicious for your state of mind and general health. Your immunity would get affected from the extra stress coming from failures in accomplishing important tasks. There would be some improvement in state of mind in the mid of the week but this improvement won’t be very satisfactory. It would be better to work with a balanced approach without losing patience so that the confidence remains intact. The continuous support and co-operation of family members would help you perform better. The association with family members would prove beneficial especially in the remaining part of the week when you would be putting lot of energy for the prosperity in the family. There would be an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the family.

3rd week of February 2018
The beginning of the week is indicating social activities at its peak where you would be enthusiastic about such activities of yours as you are likely to earn recognition from your social life. Your friends and relatives would appreciate you for your remarkable efforts in business/work and social life. You would put in every effort to create a strong bonding with relatives and friends for which the parties, get together and other social functions organized by you are going to be very successful. The mid of the week is favorable for domestic happiness but some argument with somebody or else some other type of disappointment is likely to disturb your peace of mind. The remaining part of the week would be highly hectic as you would bebusy in giving your valuable advice to your friends. It is a good time for education and the health and happiness of your children. This is equally beneficial time for speculative activities, entertainment and emotional relations.

4th week of February 2018
In the beginning of the week you need to be cautious about health for which you are advised to take enough rest and keep yourself relaxed and drink lot of water. You would be busy in developing strategies to compete with your adversaries and pay of your loans and to solve the problems related to litigation. In the mid of the week you can expect betterment in marital bliss. There would be better harmony among all family members especially with spouse. Your spouse would become the source of happiness for you but in the remaining part of the week you would be facing difficulties in accomplishing your tasks because of unnecessary intervention of some unwanted obstacles. The health might get deteriorated and the problems of mood swings are also indicated. To keep yourself happy and tension free you are advised to keep your patience intact.