Scorpio (Weekly Prediction)

Scorpio (Vrishchak Rashi)

1st week of February 2018
The beginning of the week is giving strong indications of increase in your social reputation and destiny especially with the support and co-operation of friends and relatives. Your words and lectures would enhance your influence in society. The mid of the week is very bright as after coming back from vacations you would see betterment at work place because of the attainment of desired up gradation professionally. Business would grow and all important tasks shall get achieved especially because of your social influence. Your eminence earned from the rendering of excellence in the field of education would keep you on top. You are likely to rise professionally and this day would bring in good news in terms of attainment of reputation and recognition. The remaining part of the week is beneficial for the consolidation of source of income and earnings gains.

2nd week of February 2018
The beginning of the week indicates that you shall setup your mind and work conditions in such a way so that your social life improves up to the maximum. You will be happy at heart and your health and happiness would remain intact throughout the week. There would be substantial increase in your happiness and financial position in the mid of the week. You would be very strongly attached to your kith and kin. Your family life as well as social life shall be perfect whereas in the remaining part of the week you can expect multiplication of your mental and social activities. Your social sphere shall get expanded. Although desired recognition won’t be there in social life but your activeness shall keep your confidence intact. In addition to that you would be putting lot of efforts to consolidate your business.

3rd week of February 2018
The beginning of the week would be highly stressful, tiresome and full of tensions with an atmosphere of bitterness at home which would affect your confidence, working efficiency and health. You would be worried about your mother’s health too. In spite of all these difficulties you would keep your patience intact.The mid of the week is favorable to plan and explore better prospects in share market, gambling and speculation. You would be happy with the performance of your children. There would be good understanding between you and your children. The intensity of love in emotional relation shall go on increasing. The remaining part of the week would be tiresome again as you would be handling issues related to competitors, debt, litigation and diseases. Your expenses would increase because of some journeys and sudden expenses.

4th week of February 2018
The beginning of the week marks a new level of excitement and enjoyment in your conjugal life. You would be exploring better opportunities to derive maximum pleasure and for this purpose you would become experimental. This is also a good time to get woman support for the accomplishment of your tasks. Your partners would also be very understanding. In the mid of the week is indicating deterioration of your health. Your working efficiency and confidence would decrease. There would be obstacles coming in the way of your success. The unnecessary hindrances in your tasks would make you feel frustrated and very unhappy. To overcome all odds you are advised not to lose your patience. The concluding part of the week is auspicious for getting the favor of destiny, father and Guru. You might go on a journey to a tourist place. Students can plan to get admission in a reputed educational institute for the up gradation of their education.