Horoscope (जन्म पत्रिका)

ज्योतिषां बाधते तम:। यजु: ३३:९२
Light distroyes the darkness. Yajurveda 33.92

Horoscope Calculations

Astro teva $25
Astro-teva gives details about lagna, navamsa charts with chalit chakra and vimshottri dasha.

Astro Kundali $35
Astro teva is included with astro kundali. Astro kundali calculations consists of shodash varga and friendship table, shadbal, ashtakvarga and vimshottri dasha up to sub-periods.

Teva $45
Teva provides details about the planetary degrees and their position, lagna, moon and navmasha chart, bhava degrees and chalit chakra chart, sudarshan chakra and vimshotri dasha up to sub-periods.

Teva also gives shodash varga tables, shadbal, upagraha, gemini system, ashtakvarga, ashtottri, yogini and kala charka dasha.

Janm-Patri-A $51
It will give you astro-kundali, remedies and other useful information. (View Sample)

Janm-Patri-B $100 (most common)
In this Janm-Patri you will get Janm-Patri-A and more calculation and explanation. (View Sample)

Horoscope Predictions (Remedies)

Teva also provides favourable points, stone selection and remedies, sadesati, its propitiation and manglik consideration.

Varsh-Phal (Annual Predictions) $51
Varsh-phal contains natal & progressed horoscope calculations, harsha bala & panchvargeeya bala calculations, varsheshwar determination, mudda and sookshma vimshottri dasha.

Varsh-phal is also included in the varsh-patrika. Varsh-patrika consists of the dwadash vargeeya table, sahams, triptaki, patyasma dasha and monthly calculations.

Varsh-Phal ($100)
this reading is the same as the one year consultation but projected over a longer period. It is especially helpful for long term planning. Includes dasha periods to the third level of dasha. Includes yagya recommendations for the coming year and gemstone recommendations for your life.

Horoscope Matching (English or Hindi)

Kundali Matching $51 (View Sample)
Kundali milan consists of basic charts, planets degrees and dasha of both individuals (male and female) are given with ashtakoot and manglik matching, with conclusions.

Horary Analysis/Muhurta

Prashna-Phal $25
Prashna-phal is the horary chart with analysis based on prashna marg, and will be provided on request.  

Muhurta $31
Muhurat gives you the auspicious date & time to begin a new venture, journey, marriage or move into a new home with blessings, etc.(
View Sample)

Janm-Patrika (Life reading $150) (View Sample)
Pundit ji will review your birth chart in terms of all twelve bhavas (houses) and nine planets. He will make predictions for your entire life based on dasha (time) periods and b'chart. This consultation is recommended for everyone having their first consultation. This reading includes upay (dann-punya,japam or yagya recommendations for the coming years and gemstone recommendations for life.

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