Muhurta – An Important Religious event of Hindus.

What is Muhurta?
According to the Hindu Astrology, the term Muhurta refers to the time that is regarded as auspicious, to begin or perform an important event/occasion in the Hindu life.

When is Muhurta required?
Ordinarily, Muhurta or specific auspicious time is selected to perform a few of the following functions or ceremonies:

  • Marriage (Matching Sample), Thread ceremony, Mundan, Naming ceremony, Seemantha, Baby Shower, Medical treatment, etc.
  • Pooja Vidhi, various religious functions,
  • Buying new properties, such as a house, land, vehicle, etc.
  • Starting new ventures, such as a new business, new work-contract, partnership-deed, etc.

Why is Muhurta required?
It is a natural desire of every individual to select any of and to perform the life events mentioned above at appropriate time so that the events in one’s life would be trouble-free with no unpleasant, unwanted and sorrowful incidents. If the events are conducted on a shubha muhurta (auspicious time), it is believed, they are completed peacefully.

What is the scientific significance of the Muhurta?
Scientifically, it is known that the gravitational forces exist between planets of the solar system in the universe, and they are known to have an enormous influence on both living and non-living things on the earth. For example, the gravitational force between the moon and the earth causes the high and low tides in the ocean.

The muhurta is basically a combinational effect of planets in space and brings about favorable effects on life, including humans.

There is an important saying in the ancient Ayurveda – Ashtami Vyadhi Nashini – meaning that the medicine taken on the 8th day of a lunar month cures illness faster. The reason behind this seems to be the distance between the Moon and the Earth which is longest on the 8th day of every month. This is known to make the liquid medicine in the human body to remain stable, making its effect better and faster.

What practical problems should be considered while selecting muhurta?In my opinion, the human life has substantially changed since the time when astrology was born India. In old days, the means of transportation was quite simple and less sophisticated and safe compared to what it is today. The roads or highways are much better and safer for transportation. Similarly, the evaluations of many religious events and occasions have also advanced to such an extent that very seldom difficulties arise relating to these events.

One other aspect needs to be considered seriously while conducting religious functions. We should make serious attempts to get our relatives, friends and other well-wishers involved in religious activities and create also convenience for all.

Sometimes, the best muhurta (auspicious time) may not be convenient to all and consequently some difficulties might arise at times.

I feel, therefore, that the muhurta, especially in North America, should be selected during the week-end or long week-ends.

Advance planning is very essential in conducting muhurta or any other religious function or ritual and bringing it to a successful completion.

To find auspicious date and time call  Shastriji.