पंडित प्रमोद शर्मा (गौड़)

Pundit Pramod Sharma Shastri (Gaur)
Astrologer (Gold Medalist) & Hindu Priest

Vedaang Astrological Centre Ltd.
Metro Vancouver BC Canada


Pundit Pramod ji is on twitter: Everything you want to know about Vedic astrology, Puja-Path, Mantra-Jaap and Hinduism.

Messenger Services

Please go ahead and book appointment with Shastri ji for a telephone consultation or online chat. Shastriji will require date, Time and Place of birth to make a horoscope. To get a specific answer, please complete the comment box with a question (about education, marriage, relationship, business or health). Shastriji will give you a prompt reply. Please book an appointment.

Note: Shastriji doesn’t work on Thursdays.