There is no better boat than a Horoscope to help a man cross over the Sea of Life. ” Varaah Mihir”

“ॐ श्रद्धया सत्यमाप्यते” यजु १९.३०
The truth is perceived by the faith. “YajurVed 19.30″

Indian Vedic Astrology
Astrology is the science of telling the future from the position of planets and their influence on the affairs of Human beings. The record of the positions of planets at a certain occasion, e.g. birth, is called Horoscope (JanamPattrika). Jyotisha is the Sanskrit word for Astrology. Jyotisha is listed as one of the six sub-components of Vedas, the holy scriptures of Hindu Religion. Hence the term: Indian Vedic Astrology.

Astrology is practiced in the Chaayana method in Western countries. The Indian Vedic Astrology is based on Nirayana method. The Chayana method confines mainly to the planetary positions.

In the Nirayana method, importance is given not only to the planetary positions, but also to the time of Birth. The Zodiac (path of planets) is divided into twelve houses (Rashi). In the same way the path of the Sun from Sunrise on one day to the Sunrise on the following day is also divided into twelve Lagnas. Lagnas also are the same as Rashi. Only difference is that Lagnas are subdivisions of the path of the sun almost vertical to the earth’s surface. Rashi are subdivisions of the Zodiac hypothetically parallel to the earth’s surface. The position of planets not only in the Zodiac but also in relation to the Lagna are important considerations in the Nirayana method of Astrology.

Vedic Name English Term Ruler
मेष Aries मंगल (Mars)
वृष Taurus शुक्र (Venus)
मिथुन Gemini बुध (Mercury)
कर्क Cancer चन्द्र (Moon)
सिंह Leo सूर्य (Sun)
कन्या Virgo बुध (Mercury)
तुला Libra शुक्र (venus)
वृश्चिक Scorpio मंगल (Mars)
धन Sagittarius बृहस्पति (Jupiter)
मकर Capricorn शनि (Saturn)
कुम्भ Aquarius शनि (Saturn)
मीन Pisces बृहस्पति (Jupiter)

Each of the above 12 Rashi is ruled by one of 7 Grahas (planets):

  1. सूर्य (Sun)
  2. चन्द्र (Moon)
  3. मंगल (Mars)
  4. बुध (Mercury)
  5. बृहस्पति (Jupiter)
  6. शुक्र  (Venus)
  7. शनि  (Saturn)

The other two Grahas are shadow planets, Rahu (राहु) (ascending node) and Ketu (केतु) (descending node) and they do not rule any particular Rashi.

Astrological Forecasts can be subdivided into two categories:

  1. Jataka Phala
  2. Gochara Phala

Forecasts are based on the position of Planets at the time of birth. Gochara Phala Forecasts depend on the position of planets at the time of reckoning. If a person wants to know how his future would be, both the above two categories of Forecasts should be taken into consideration.

Jataka is the terminology for Horoscope. The Horoscope gives the position of planets at the time of birth. Because Horoscopes are different according to time and place of birth, Jataka Phala Forecasts can be given only in respect of each individual Horoscope. For casting your Horoscope or to examine your Horoscope (if you have one) and give you Astrological Forecasts including Jataka phala, you may contact Pundit Pramod Sharma (Gaur) Shastri, by telephone or e-mail – particulasrs given below. However, it is possible to give the Gocharapala Forecasts commonly for all persons born under one of each of the twelve.

The orbit of the moon round the earth is divided into 12 Rashis just as much as during the earth’s orbit round the sun (on an oval form) the sun is considered moving from one Rashi to the other. The 12 Rashis are further subdivided into 27 Nakshatras. Each Nakshatra has four (legs or quarters) padas. Hence each Rashi comprises 9 Nakshatra – padas or quarters. The various Nakshatras and the quarters forming each Rashi is given very descriptively in the Main Web Page. After determining your Janma Rashi (i.e. the Rashi under which you were born) you can know your Gochara Pala for each Sowra Masa. Sowra Masa is the period the Sun orbits in each of the 12 Rashis.

Rashi Table

Signs Date Letters Lord Stone
Mar. 21-April 19 Choo, che, cho, Laa, Lee,
Loo, le, Lo, Aa
Mars Coral
April 20-May 20 Ee, Uo, A, O, Vaa,
Vee, Voo, Ve Vo
Venus Diamond
May 21-June 21 Kaa, Kee, Koo, Gha, Ang,
Chh, Ke, Ko, Ha
Mercury Emerald
June 22-July 22 Hi, Hoo, He, Ho, Daa,
Dee, Doo, De, Do
Moon Pearl
July 23-Aug. 22 Maa, Mee, Moo, Me, Mo,
Taa, Tee, Too, Te
Sun Ruby
Aug. 23-Sep. 22 To, Paa, Pee, Pu, Sha,
Na, Tha, Pe, Po
Mercury Emerald
Sep. 23-Oct. 22 Raa, Ree, Ru, Re, Ro,
Taa, Tee, Too, Te
Venus Diamond
Oct. 23-Nov. 21 To, Naa, Nee, Noo, Ne,
No, Yaa, Yee, Yoo
Mars Coral
Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Ye, Yo, Bhaa, Bhee, Bhoo,
Dha, Pha, Da,Bhe
Jupiter Topaz
Dec. 22-Jan. 19 Bho, Jaa, Jee, Khee, Khoo,
Kho, Gaa, Gee
Saturn Sapphire
Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Goo, Ge, Go, Saa, See,
Soo, Se, So, Daa
Saturn Sapphire
Pisces (Meen) Feb. 19-Mar. 20 Dee, Doo, Tha, Zha, Nga,
De, Do, Cha, Chee
Jupiter Topaz

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