Prerequisites To Build A House For Good Living 

The home is the most important abode to bring and raise a family. Therefore, ample attention should be given to select appropriate locality and ground plots for house construction. Following are a few tips to builders and dwellers of the future house.

The geometrical axis of the ground plot of the house should be aligned with earth’s magnetic axis; one of the plot sides should be parallel to the north-south direction and other should be parallel to east-west direction. If the plot is not aligned in the north- south direction, the land is considered poor for overall development or construction, peace and happiness. The shape, size, levels and angles of the plot should be examined. If it does not comply with the Vastu principles, the necessary additions and alterations should be made to the plot.

Slope Of Plot
The land should be elevated towards the south-west sides and it should be lower in north-east sides overall growth and prosperity.

Shape Of Plot
Ideally it should be a square.

Rectangle is also good provided the breadth and length ratio should not be more than 1:2

Triangle, round and all other odd shapes are regarded as not good.

Angles Of The Plot
If all angles are 90 degrees each, it is considered the best.
Square site: If the ratio of two adjacent sides of a site is 1:1 and every corner is a 90- degree angle, it is called a square and is best for overall growth. ·

South-west angle should be 90 degrees, and north-west and south-east angle should be close to 90 degrees or more. ·

North-east should be close to 90 degrees or less but should never exceed 90 degrees

Shape Of The Plot
If the ratio of width to depth of a site is within 1:15 and all corners are 90 degrees each, it is also good for development. If the depth is more than twice the width, the site becomes weaker. The symmetrical geometry of shape is good in general. The unsymmetrical shape is always not good. The various shapes and their possible effects are as below:

Overall growth Rectangular : Overall development positive.

Increases mental capabilities of dwellers.

Prosperity of dwellers increase.

Unsymmetrical, Irregular and Oval shapes
considered inauspicious to dwellers.

Loss due to fire, Government. harassment, Penalty, etc.

Financial losses and Quarrels in family.

General quarrels and litigations, Destruction of peace.

Location And Direction Of Plot
East and north facing sites are preferred over west and south facing plots.