Kaal Sarpa

Some astrological charts are strongly influenced by the Rahu (North node of Moon) & Ketu (South nodes of the Moon). This condition is generally considered to be adverse, but can be relieved through a kaal-Sarpa puja.

Kinds and effects of Kaal-Sarp Yoga in life

KindsRahu & KetuEffects
Anant1st & 7thTroubles in family life, and chronic health problems
Kulik2nd & 8thExpenditure of money and domestic troubles
Vasuki3rd & 9thProblems to Siblings, trouble from friends, bad luck
Shankh Pal
4th & 10thProblems with mother, vehicles and at residence
5th & 11thProblems with spouse and children
Maha Padma6th & 12thHealth problems, debts, problems with enemies
Taksha7th & 1stLoss in business and problems in matrimonial life
Karkotak8th & 2ndProblems with wife and accidents
Shankh Chur9th & 3rdProblems with father, heavy bad luck
Paatak10th & 4thProblem in business and job career
Vish Dhar11th & 5thProblems in financial business terms
Shesh Naag12th & 6thMounting expenditure and problems with enemies

Please contact Shastriji if you have any question or you want to be done Kaal-Sarp puja for you.